Sunday, October 21, 2007

Polar Bear Box Chain Bracelet

This is my first chainmail bracelet made for my mother's birthday. She loves polar bears and the color blue. Made of 18 gauge anodized aluminum rings from The Ring Lord. The charm is one I got a few years back when I was at a beadshop on the coast. I learned how to do the boxchain from Maille Artisans they have a ton of great information and lots of tutorials on different weaves. I really like the box chain pattern a.k.a. idiots delight because the links scrunch together in a really neat way. I have this penchant for jewelry that can be played with. I used to have an amazing puzzle ring that unfortunately broke a few years back, which was replaced with the rolling ring that I wear now. I do recommend having two pliers to work with the first night when I was playing with the rings I only had one and my fingers told me they weren't too happy about that. Chain nose pliers are pretty useful because they hold onto more surface area of the rings. I put tape on the nose of the pliers to reduce the amount of scuffing. I still got a little bit so I'm looking into getting some tool magic which is a plastic that you dip your tools in so they won't dent the rings. Once it gets beat up you can peal it off and then dip again which sounds pretty sweet.

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