Friday, May 8, 2009

Iris Folding

Iris fold card that I made a few years ago at Women's Own an amazing retreat held on a girl scout camp. It is so fun tons of super nice people gather together to enjoy Washington's sound and there are lots of ladies that teach assorted craft things so basically it's heaven on earth. I hope to get to go this year and maybe teach something. The iris fold in this case was done with tissue paper I find that it's best to iris fold with thin paper because it gets bulky rather quick. Honestly these types of cards look super hard but they are fun and easy with patterns. The colors were so bright and fun which you really can't see in the picture (note: the base card is actually a bright cheery yellow) so I added a macaw sticker in the middle. Here is a website if you'd like to try iris folding it's super fun.

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