Monday, July 7, 2008

Christmas Kitties

The photos on these aren't that great but I think you get the general idea. These were made with Rangers memory frames and glass. When I first saw these I knew I "needed" them to make Christmas ornaments. Granted this is the only one I've produced so far but the rest are there so when the whim strikes they are on the ready. :P

The color was added with alcohol inks I think I could have done better with the colors except for I was under a time crunch. I wanted the ornament to go up on the vet school Christmas tree that is decorated with animal ornaments before Christmas break. Last year I made a dove with a heart with the Some Assembly Required stamps I'll have to take a picture and show how neat those are another time. So long story short I quickly whipped this up with the class appeals stickers that are done with Magenta kitties. I put two of them on there to represent my two furry kids Vashiel and Rumisiel.

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