Friday, April 24, 2009

My new pincushion

Ok I admit he isn't pretty but he's my first sewing project from my class. I tried learning to sew way back somewhere around the 5th grade. Well my mom's machine was having issues the bobbin ran out of thread, the needle didn't seem to be aligned right, and then finally the needle broke, which frustrated me so much I gave up crying. Turns out now when we went to get the machine a new part that it is super messed up and would be a few hundred dollars in repairs. This is really too bad because my parents paid a small fortune for it and put less than 10 hours of use on it. It had a 25 year warranty that would have been valid back when I first tried and was having problems. Oh well water under the bridge now.

Unfortunately for this little guy I had class all day before I went to sewing class so I did the first stuff on the machine and decided to take him home to finish. Did I mention I know absolutely nothing about fabric arts. Give me a dog or a cat to suture up and I can totally do it but as for getting fabric to work for me no way. So I hand stitched the rest which came out pretty wonky because I was in a hurry to try to get it done before class and when Derek looked at him he said he needed googlie eyes. I think he needs some bigger ones but this is all I have for now. Aren't the pins pretty I spent a smidge extra for them because I'm addicted to shiny things. >.> If anyone has a suggestion for a name I'm open.

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