Monday, April 27, 2009

New Containers

Lookie at what I found at the craft store the other day! My eye immediately caught on these cool little storage containers that were in the bead section that were on sale no less. I knew exactly what to put in them my eyelets which have been languishing away in old tackle boxes where I can't see them and thus don't tend to use them.
So I told Derek I think I'm going to purchase two of them and he said, "Do you need two?" >.> To which I replied that I probably would in order to fit all of my eyelets. He didn't believe me that I had that many. Hi my name is Crystal and I have a compulsive need to collect embellishments for cards/scrapbooking. What if I don't have the right color in a fit of creating? I've got to have them in every color just in case. Never mind that I might have to go to the craft store anyway to get what I want. :P
Anywho I really like these containers they have screw top lids and the whole thing is on a lazy susan. The cats haven't managed to knock them over and heck I didn't have as many eyelets as I thought and so I was able to place rhinestones in a row. Here is the website of the company that makes them. Not affiliated just enjoying them. I really like several of their other containers as well I just wish they wouldn't have the really bold patterns I'm more of a plain and simple person. You can see Rumisiel got in the last shot I try to use natural lighting for my photos and the door was just too interesting so he needed to trek on through my photo.

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JulieInIndy said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.