Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lampworking 101

So my father got interested in lampworking this summer when we went to an outdoor craft show in Oregon City. He purchased a Nortel minor torch and some glass from a guy he found on craigslist and later on purchased a kiln. I made my first beads when we were camping on the sound up in Washington. I don't have them here right now and they aren't much but we had so much fun with them we set up the torch outside on the back deck a couple of times. My dad also went ahead and found an oxygen concentrator so we wouldn't have to be constantly purchasing tanks. Well I come back to Corvallis and I'm reading online about lampworking on a really great forum lampwork etc... drooling over peoples beautiful work and reading assorted tutorials. So now I'm really craving getting more torch time in and I think huh I wonder if the craft center for the school has the facilities for lampworking. I check the little pamphlet and sure enough they do! So I sign Derek and myself up right away so we can play. Oddly enough all throughout undergrad I never even thought of doing anything at the craft center. Silly me now that I've been I want to do so many things it's not even funny. Anyway took the class at the beginning of November and I'm already wanting to do more. Gotta sign up for some open torch sessions soon. After all that's part of the reason we paid the craft center fee is to be able to do some more. :P It's interesting to play on a MAPP gas torch vs. a oxygen propane one. I'll post pictures of Derek's first beads and the ones I created soon. We got to play with millifori and I got to try frit for the first time. Wahoo for yet another hobby.

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