Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Gamsol Toolbox

So I've seen the question of how to store Gamsol odorless mineral spirits several times now on a couple of message boards and I kept thinking that it would be easiest just to show what the container that I have looks like so I went and grabbed it and took some pictures. Then I figured while I was at it I might as well show some of the other stuff that I personally use. So here are my essential Gamsol tools. ;) The container is from Michael's and it has a nice sponge top and when you depress the little button with your stump it wets it quite nicely and the excess is caught by the sponge. It has a nice screw on cap as you can see in the photo of all the stuff and so far I haven't had any problems with it and it travels around with me to Portland and back to Corvallis so I think it's pretty darn durable. The funky not pencil thing is a stump or tortillion I think the creative mark ones are the best and it's best to get the ones that are kind of solid paper material not just the wound up paper. I have lots for all the different colors and as you can see I've marked them with my pencils I find it's easier to do that then having to switch and sand in between each color. I did that for quite some time but I think it's better to have a few. Then you can see I have a little hand held sharpener and a nail file for sanding off the color when I say switch from a light purple to a dark purple. Last of all I have my new baby the case that is pictured here it's from Dick Blick and I really really like it. I've got slightly over 120 of the pencils in there and my white plastic eraser the clicky type. I just got it earlier in the term and I think it will make it a million times easier to move my pencils around. I figure if it's easier to move them around then I will use them more. We shall see if that's true or not. ;P


Carla said...

This is a cool holder! Thanks for sharing your Prisma/Gamsol set up!!

Martha said...

love the case!