Friday, November 16, 2007

Pet Sympathy

Sympathy cards are some of the hardest ones for me to make and pet sympathy cards are even harder. I know there is the rainbow bridge poem but I don't really have a stamp that seems to fit that quite right and some of the others seem....almost too human which sounds strange but it's true. I get quite a few requests to make pet sympathy cards probably because I'm in vet school and everyone has multiple animals and often they take on ones that have pre-existing conditions that may not have as long to live. This card was made for one of our awesome dean's office staff. The cat was done with gold pearl-ex and I used the Tsukineko glue pad. I have to say I'm not super thrilled with that pad for glitter but it works pretty well for mica powder. The sympathy stamp is actually ones stamp that I used a marker to color to selectively stamp and my stamp-a-ma-jig to get the positioning just right. Then it seemed bare so I added the paw prints, gold cord, and brads. All in all it's not the best card in the world but I got it done so my class could sign it and get it to her right away I really wish a company would make a pet sympathy set a generic cat and dog that are cute but not too cute perhaps some wings that you could mask on maybe the rainbow bridge poem and a rainbow that seems appropriate. I think that would be an awesome set if it was done right and I know I would get it right away. Oh well until then I'll just have to be creative.

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