Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ok here is the end result of those random photos

I'm still not quite getting the photo thing right I'm going to have to read up.

1. Essentially you take the tack n peel and trace your block onto the yellow portion.
2. Then you cut it out with scissors and take off the yellow portion and stick it to the block. Be careful because once it's stuck it's there until you decide to rip it off.
3. You now should make sure to label the clear cover with a sharpie since you don't want to throw this away because you use it to cover the tacky portion when you are not using it. So it doesn't stick to random objects say like your cat. ;)
4. Remove plastic cover place stamp on and ink away.
5. Stamp just like you normally would.
6. Enjoy result of a crisp clear image that you can see where you are placing it instantly.
7. Repeat.

Seriously it's that simple no fussing with glue or cutting out cling adhesive. I found that so far the ink comes off quite easily with normal stamp cleaner or water. Then just place the plastic cover back on and it's all ready to go again. It's a pretty sweet way to use unmounteds. Especially for those of us that are lazy like me. I used to just take hermafix tabs and attach the stamp that way because I was too lazy to use cling mount, halos, or tack it over and over glue.

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