Monday, June 23, 2008

Stampers Diamonds

When my mom saw these all stacked up out of the package she remarked that they looked like diamonds. I have to say I agree they do look awful pretty. They will probably be covered in ink in no time though.

This is the Martha Stewart one that I didn't attach the handle to because I didn't think it would help all that much it'll be great for large backgrounds now all I have to do is get some Tack n' Peel on it.

One last shot of these beauties from the side. ;) They are the ones you can get at Michael's and I like the fact that they have the waves to make it easier to hold them. They also have a cross cut into them so you can line up your stamp which is nice.

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Mary O.K. said...

You're a winner! (Well, a runner-up, at least.) You didn't leave an e-mail address for notification regarding the Heat Gun Holder, so I'm hoping to reach you this way. Please contact me at
handsandheart [at] live [dot] com

I'm hoping to get everything mailed out in the next day or two.
Best Wishes,
("M." on GW)